My name is Tanya Kuipers.  I am 29 years old, have two sons, seven cats, a caring husband, and the most amazing mother in the world.  I am a second grade teacher and love my job!  My mother is a fabulous role model for her family, including her four grandsons, Quindynn, Declan, Murry, and Capote.  She puts others first and will do anything for her family.  She is an amazing artist, a talented musician, a caring mother and grandmother, and a supportive and loving wife to Ron Hock. My mother is fighting breast cancer, and I’ve created this blog to get her story out and hopefully save her life.  She needs to get to the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas, and with the support of family and friends, we are going to get her there!!  Wanda Cline 5K for Cancer will take place on November 20, 2010 and ALL the proceeds will go to send my mom to Texas!

Race Site

If you would like to donate but are unable to attend the race, donate through the race site.  You can also sign up to volunteer for the race through that site!

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