5K 2012

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted on this blog, as it was meant for updating friends and family regarding my mom’s health, progress with our first race, etc…. I haven’t felt a need to get on here.  But now I need your help.  We are hosting our third Wanda Cline 5K for Cancer and need runners, walkers (strollers are encouraged), and volunteers!

If you knew my mom, you knew how positive and encouraging she always was. She was involved in many groups online, encouraging and guiding other cancer patients to take a natural approach to treating the cancer.  She wanted to spread the word of what worked for her, and prolonged her life for many years.  Many others turned to her for her knowledge on the subject.  Once she decided to fight her cancer naturally, she learned everything about the subject.  She was so well informed and put into practice everything she learned. She wrote about it on her website, online forums, and answered hundreds of emails from others fighting cancer. I remember when a doctor even contacted her becaue he was so impressed with all she was doing.  She believed in her treatment, and so did I.  I firmly believed she wouldn’t have survived 8 years with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer if she didn’t fight using alternative treatment for a few years.

As time goes on, I fear my memories of my mom are slipping away.  It gets harder to remember the sound of her voice.  I have one old voice mail I listen to, and I can call her answering machine. I have many pictures and recipes, and I cherish those.  Little things she gave me I cannot part with.  Murry has been wearing a pair of Declan’s old shoes, and I can’t part with them (even though I replaced them) because I know my mom bought them for Declan.  A picture frame that my mom bought us for our one year anniversary fell and shattered, and I freaked out on Andy and was so upset for days.  I have obnoxious jewelry from when I was in fourth grade that I keep all tangled together, because I remember specific events and conversations, and I was wearing some of that jewelry during that time.

I’ve come a long ways in my recovery. I’m not depressed all the time and laying on the couch.  I can actually function as a wife and a mother again.  I don’t feel guilty about having a child after her death anymore (it took a long time for me to get over that).  But as I feel better and go on without my mom, I fear that I will start to lose those memories of her.  I don’t want to forget.

This race is so important to me.  She was alive when I decided to put it on.  In 6 short weeks Em and I were able to pull the race off, and it was a huge success.  We felt so much love from family and friends. We had over 100 participants, over 30 volunteers, and raised over $5,000.  We know everyone was showing their support because we all wanted to help my mom get the treatment she so badly wanted but couldn’t afford.

The second year, 2011, was a bit harder.  We didn’t get out non-profit status until Sepember, and we were waiting on that before we dove into really planning and advertising the race.  We did a good job planning it, but I think since we were missing the urgency of “let’s get Wanda to Texas and save her life,” people weren’t as interested.  I don’t blame them, as it’s much easier to get behind something that is right there, in your face, and needing attention right away. This was her life we were talking about!

Now that she’s gone, we need to think about all of the other lives that can be touched by our foundation. We are a Section 501(3c) Non-Profit Organization, and 100% of our proceeds go to help others in need.  Cancer patients apply with the organization to receive funds, whether it is to help pay for natural treatment or supplies, or even to pay for a hotel room while receiving treatment. I know it’s not my mom, but it’s somebody else’s mom (or daughter, dad, son, etc).

Back to last year’s race. It was not nearly as successful as the first year. We had about 60 runners register, but due to the cold and windy weather, only about 20 showed up.  I unfortunately couldn’t even make it because my baby was at Devos Children’s Hospital with viral meningitis.

This year needs to be our comeback year. This race is something that keeps her in our hearts and staying with us forever.  This race keeps my mom alive.  We cannot lose it. But we also need it to be successful so we can continue to put it again.  I’m worried that if we don’t have enough participants and volunteers, it will end up dying out. That’s the last thing we want. This is supposed to be a race that everyone looks forward to each year.  If it grows, we can make it better.  If we get over 100 participants, we can justify chip timing (instead of hand timing).  We can offer more medals and do more age groups as well. This year we are adding a Swag Bag, and BondiBands were amazing and donated BondiBands for our Swag Bags.

Please help me spread the word about this race.  It’s well organized, professionally timed, includes T-Shirts, Swag Bags, and medals for participants who place in their age groups (both male and female), and is for a great cause.  There’s also a virtual option, so anyone from anywhere can participate!  Let’s remember my mom, and not let her memories or this important cause fade away.

Wanda Cline Memorial Initiative

Sign up for the race

Sign up to volunteer (participants can volunteer to bring food)

Join our Facebook event and share with your friends!


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