Photo Book

My mom and I decided I should make a nice photo book for Declan.  They are so close, and I’m just scared he will lose his memories of her over time.  Before she was sick, she would always pick him up from daycare for me and they had so many good times together.  Making cookies, popping popcorn, reading books, playing games, and doing puzzles.  I found tons of pictures on my mom’s computer and want to share them here. These aren’t in any order, but when I do the photo book of course it will be in chronological order.  I will continue to take pictures of them, and will wait on ordering the photo book until it can be complete….

Declan spent many days at MeeMaw's house (yes, sometimes in pajama shirts and jeans)

He practiced his stacking skills.

Thanksgiving 2006

Declan playing with water

My mom enrolled Declan in dance class when he was 3. He loved it!

Warn out from hula hooping at MeeMaw's

Baking Cookies

Declan and MeeMaw

A Day in the Park

Stacking Again....

Declan's Third Birthday

Declan spent many days running around in the sprinklers at MeeMaw's

Helping make a cake

Silly Face While Enjoying Blueberries at MeeMaw's (his favorite snack).

He made me a castle....

Helping cook (one of MeeMaw's favorite things to do)!


Hanging out on MeeMaw's bed

Cousins at MeeMaw's house

Playing with my old horse


MeeMaw, Declan, and Murry

Declan spent many afternoons in the kiddie pool.

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2006

Christmas 2005


2 thoughts on “Photo Book

  1. Tanya,
    I LOVE them!!! I think this is the greatest gift you can give Declan, and you and your mom. I giggled looking at how young everyone looks in certain pictures. I especially enjoyed that Andy had shorts on in one of the Christmas pictures. Can’t wait to see what else you add!

  2. To Wanda,

    I just wanted to say to you before it’s too late….

    I always knew who you were in High School….eventhough I never talked to you or socialized with you. You were always one person who I would not forget their name or their face. I don’t know why, but I knew the minute I heard you’re story I knew who they were talking about. I have looked at many of your pictures and I just want to say what a beautiful family you have. You have not changed in nearly 40 years, but you only became more beautiful. May God keep you in His loving arms through this journey you are on……I am truly saddened by hand you have been delt at all, let alone, at such an early age. I will always remember you as a quiet individual but a very beautiful lady. God Bless you and lift you up. Diane “Fralish” Kelly

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