Update 11/29

I took the day off of work, as we were planning on calling Hospice today.  My mom’s pain is out of control and it’s clear she’s taking a turn for the worse.  I spent the day with her, which was nice but really hard…. we talked a lot about the future and what it might hold.  Tomorrow we will meet with her oncologist before making the final decision as to whether or not to call Hospice.  I would love for him to tell us there is still a chance for her to not only to be cured, but to walk again, but we all know there is a very slim chance of that happening.  Even if she can keep the pain under control and keep living like this, her quality of life isn’t very good.  Most likely tomorrow we will hear what we already know – that it’s the cancer spreading and there’s nothing more that can be done.  When I started fundraising to get her to Texas, I had no idea that her health would take such a drastic turn for the worse in just 2 months. I appreciate everything everyone did for her regarding the fundraising and I know everyone did it because they care about her.  A decision will be made soon as to which path we are going down….. if we are unable to seek alternative care (as is most likely) I know everyone will understand if we use the money for any medical bills that might arise (I don’t know anything about Hospice, or what is covered, if anything).  In addition, I still want to form a Non-Profit Organization for cancer patients seeking alternative care and plan on the Wanda Cline 5K for Cancer becoming an annual fall run.  I will continue to keep everyone updated.


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