Huge Success!

The race was a huge success. We had 109 runners and walkers participate, plus very helpful volunteers, and many, many people who donated.  I can’t believe that it was just 6 weeks ago that I said to myself, “I’m going to put on a 5K to get my mom the help she needs” and we did it!  Who would have thought it would have turned out so smoothly…we didn’t have ANY glitches!  The city and police approved the route, North Muskegon Schools gave us use of the field, Redi Rental donated anything we needed (tents, restrooms, tables, chairs), Jim from SnapRegistration so graciously timed the event for us for free and did the online registration for us, and we had many businesses support the race by sponsoring the shirts or donating gift certificates.  A huge thank you to Cline Resources,, Rothbury Dips-N-Dogs, Choice Schools Associates, Three Oaks Public Schools, Brickley Delong, The Harbor Theater, The Olive Tree Restaurant, the Port City Princess, Main Street, Norton Pines, Sweet Temptations, and Logan’s Roadhouse.  I also want to thank my family and friends who supported me 100% of the time with this huge undertaking, and a huge thank you goes to Emily Schoendorff, who is a great friend and running partner, and I couldn’t have done this without her.

I heard nothing but positive comments about the race, and everyone seemed to really enjoy the event.  I’m hoping everyone loved it enough that we can do it every year!

Here are a few pictures from race day:

Emily and Tanya Before Race

Murry getting ready for MeeMaw's Race

Running partners and GREAT friends!!!!!!

My Dad, Stepdad, and Stepmom

My family! From left to right is my stepbrother Dylan pushing my nephew Capote in the stroller, my sister-in-law Rory, my nephew Quindynn, father-in-law Tom, my son Declan, husband Andy, stepmom Linda pushing my son Murry, and my dad, Gary.

Right before the race starts

Let the race begin!!

Emily and I were so happy to finish the race....this was so important to us!

First Place Female - Haleigh Przybylek

First Place Male - Eric Nash

We had many wonderful volunteers...

And many traveled from far away......

And many of my coworkers came out....

My 5 year old was so excited for the race that would help raise money to get his MeeMaw better...

THANK YOU everyone who helped with this event in some way.  I promise to keep everyone updated.  I am going to get in touch again with the Burzynski Clinic, as I believe we have enough for the initial testing….. unfortunately my mom is so ill right now that she won’t be able to travel quite yet.  She’s been in radiation the last few weeks and it’s taken all of her strength from her.  She is done with radiation now, and hopefully will get stronger again in the coming weeks, and then we can look forward to her being able to travel.  I am going to continue to try to raise funds for her, as the $5,000 is just the beginning.  That won’t cover travel, hotel expenses, or continued treatment if it’s working.  But it’s a start, and it gives me great hope that we can get my mom better soon.  Right now she is in a horrible amount of pain, and is really suffering both physically and mentally.

We appreciate everything everyone is doing….we are on the way to being able to get my mom better.


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