It’s coming together (and just in time)!

WOW, I CANNOT believe the support we’re getting.  I am just amazed.  So far everyone I’ve spoken with is so willing to help my mom…. it’s just wonderful and it brings tears to my eyes.  The city of North Muskegon approved the race – it’s on!!! November 20, 2010 – mark your calendars.  We will not only need runners and walkers but plenty of volunteers to help the race run smoothly.

I need to thank Jim at for donating his time and services to get the race page up and running for me, and for timing the race.  A big thank you to North Muskegon High School for loaning us the use of their athletic field and race timing equipment.  And I’ve had so many family members and friend making phone calls for donations and helping get the word out.  And I’m so excited for our t-shirts to be printed (thanks Steve and Andy at Trophy House).  They are awesome!

I am so thankful for everyone coming together for this with the goal of getting my mom to Texas.  It is just in time, as my mom is getting much worse.  As the tumor on her spine grows, her legs get weaker and weaker.  I will be taking next Monday and Tuesday off of work to spend time with her and to take her to radiation.  I am looking forward to spending two days with her and able to just focus on “us” again. 


4 thoughts on “It’s coming together (and just in time)!

    • Yes, we will have shirts available to buy!!! Let me talk to Andy to see how we’ll go about ordering shirts for those who aren’t participating….. I’ll get back to you!

  1. I am sure your mom is so proud of you Tanya. The quote on the shirt sounds just like you. In the case of your mom and you, it’s a good thing that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. What amazing ladies you are! I would like to order shirts for my family since we won’t be able to participate in the race. Thanks for all you do (for your family and your TOPS family)

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