Monday, October 11

Today felt like a very successful day.  My friend Emily and I got together and started the planning process for the 5K.  I am so excited and finally feel like something just might go right.  I haven’t had that feeling lately, with the condition my mom is in.  I am hoping to get some positive news from all the right people so that we an have a successful fundraiser for my mom.

On my way home from Starbucks (yummy, pumpkin spice latte) I called my mom to update her.  As soon as she answered the phone I could tell she was having a rough day.  I could tell she’d been in tears.  The pain is just too much for her to handle.  I quickly forgot that I was excited about something as I listened to her in pain while I drove home in the dark.  She will be starting radiation again on Wednesday, and started chemotherapy up again today.  They don’t normally do radiation more than once in the same spot, but it sounds as if her doctor doesn’t even know what else to do.  Over the weekend my mind kept going to a very dark place….I’m trying very hard not to go there anymore, as hard as it is.  At least organizing this 5K gives me something to focus on and makes me feel like we might actually have some control over this horrible, sad, situation.

Here are a few pictures from this weekend.  My mom made it out to Declan’s soccer game (quite a task since she’s unable to walk) and then we had a campfire with the family that night.  She does a great job of putting on a brave face for her grandkids…isn’t she beautiful?

Declan scored his first goal with his MeeMaw there, and then scored 3 more!!!


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